About Capital Ideas Online.

Welcome to Capital Ideas Online.

Our team consists of Chandrakant Sampat (Honorary Member), Chetan Parikh, Jamshed Desai , Utpal Sheth, Navin Agarwal Raju Vasantraj and Avinash Wadhwa.

We are told over and over again that information has become the primary resource of what is increasingly being called as the 'New Economy'. But economies are governed by what is scarce, and information, due to its unique characteristics is available in abundance. It is in fact overflowing adding to complexity and leading to an information glut. What counts most is what is most scarce now, namely human attention.

But this web-site is not about information. It's about applying knowledge to knowledge and disseminating that knowledge using 'The Internet' as the medium of choice.

We have as our objective the task of tracking the economy, deciphering trends, extracting signals from the noise, locating inflection points, identifying opportunities etc all under the umbrella objective of facilitating the enhancement of the wealth generating capacity of society.

The two pillars on which the wealth generating capacity of society stands are productivity and innovation. The two beacons of productivity and innovation shall be our guideposts.

We have constructed our own index - Capital Ideas Online Index (CIOX) - of 13 stocks reflecting the structural changes taking place in the economy where knowledge has replaced capital and labor as primary factor of production.

The point of indices is to tell stories - stories about change and growth, stories about stagnation and decline. The CIOX's component companies have been selected based upon our subjective assessment that they have the qualities needed to prosper in the new economy.

But so much for our views. We strongly believe that if our web site is a canvas on which we paint our views, it is your feedback, suggestions/criticisms that will be the finer strokes that contribute in making the portrait 'picture perfect'.

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