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Mid Day Multimedia – A unique investment opportunity
21st September 2010
Posted by: Dipak Sen
Want to buy a part stake in a possible Rs 40 Cr market capitalisation business for nought ?
Ricoh India – A compelling value buy
7th January 2010
Posted by: Dipak Sen
Ricoh India Limited (RIL) is one of India’s leading sellers of office automation equipment like copiers, printers and multifunctional devices.
5th December 2009
Posted by: Dipak Sen
Panasonic Carbon India Limited (BSE code: 508941) is a great value buy. It’s into manufacturing of carbon rods which are used in dry cell battery. The business is easy to understand and this company is a consistent performer. Panasonic Carbon India Limited (PCIL) is not a growth story but it is a consistent generator of free cash flow.
Balmer Lawrie Investments Limited
9th December 2008
Posted by: Dipak Sen
“A deep value investment”
TTK Healthcare Limited
9th October 2007
Posted by: Dipak Sen
" A possible value unlocking case"
Crompton Greaves - Powering ahead
22nd August 2003
Posted by: Jamshed Desai
Clarion Call from Clariant
7th August 2003
Posted by: Jamshed Desai
Many catalysts to rerate Procter & Gamble
31st July 2003
Posted by: Jamshed Desai
Forging and Gorging
23rd April 2003
Posted by: Suneet Singh
Bank able?
4th February 2002
Posted by: Chetan Parikh

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