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Defense offsets: From ‘contractual burden’ to competitive weapon
Western defense companies looking to new markets often view “offsets” as a burden in international sales. Yet there is value in these industrial compensation arrangements with foreign governments

Money Market Reform: Reflections on This Critical Inflection Point for Cash Liquidity Investing
All money market funds (except government-focused funds) are required to impose liquidity fees and may use redemption gates if liquid assets fall below certain levels.

Gold, Silver, and the Future of the Dollar
The United States, the European Central Bank, Japan, and China and then of course many other countries engaged in the war in a defensive status where countries like Switzerland and Norway are pumping up their money supplies and engaged in quantitative easing in order to stabilize the exchange value of their currency.

How to forward a new golden age
To understand why steering is necessary and how it’s done, we need to understand technology and learn from history. The situation we face today happens only once or twice in a century, mid-way along the life of each technological revolution.

Arnold: The End of Growth and Its Implications
Speculators who are interested in capturing growth in equity values that is supported by economic activity, the drift, need to acclimate themselves with the truly emerging market, and that will require going beyond the BRICs.

Greenspan says bubbles can’t be stopped without ‘crunch’
There is definite evidence the economy is picking up. The financial system is finally beginning to lend. But, what we don’t know is whether, when the recovery gets underway, it is going to run into another false dawn.

What Will Be the Rally's Next Catalyst?
Stocks need power to push higher, just as humans and machines do. This 'power' comes from a variety of sources, with interest rates and corporate profits as the big ones.

Wealth & Wisdom By George McAuliffe: A Book Review
McAuliffe is certainly interested in finance, and he quotes extensively from foundational thinkers like Walter Bagehot and Benjamin Graham as well as modern investors like Warren Buffett and Jeremy Grantham, but the real purpose of this book is to portray the state of mind that leads to good financial choices.

In Investing 'When' Matters Just as Much as 'What'
If you’re building retirement savings little by little over decades, it matters a great deal not just what the stock market or other investments return, but when those returns materialize.

Long-term returns boosted by illiquidity
Liquidity was inversely related to risk – the lower the liquidity, the higher the return and the lower the risk. Its performance is asymmetrical; it tends to underperform slightly on the way up, but strongly outperform during sell-offs.

India’s Chinese Dream
India’s economic performance has been less remarkable. Economic growth began to accelerate dramatically in the early 1990s, owing to trade liberalization and other economic reforms.

Dissent under Socialism
In theory, “socialism” aims to unite people around the world regardless of nationality toward a common internationalist goal, while in theory “fascism” aims to unite people of a particular nation toward common nationalist goal.

Geopolitics and Markets
Having gotten that worry out of the way, he takes on the dire warnings that have recently been issued by the BIS, the IMF, and even the Fed, about a disconnect between market enthusiasm and the undertow of global economic developments.

Why Capitalism is Better than Socialism
Brennan's new book, Why Not Capitalism?, casts a critical eye on a notion with wide appeal among academics, politicians, and the general public: That even though history has shown that socialism is unworkable in practice, it's still the best way to run society in theory.

Book Review: 'Money' by Steve Forbes and Elizabeth Ames
The authors sagely observe that money itself doesn't constitute wealth; it is merely a measurement of it. But you can't have a reliable measurement tool that itself constantly changes in value.

Berkshire Hathaway and Understanding the Insurance Float
Warren Buffett has made such an impression on value investors and insurance investors, that they think that float is magic.

Hedge Fund Evacuation Due to Handwritten Buffett Note?
Activist investors are performing well, but many value managers and stock pickers have had a tough time in a market environment that critics are saying is solely driven by artificial stimulus.

Funds for a value investor
Though value investing may mean different things to different people, it is, by and large, an investment style wherein a buyer picks a stock trading at a significant discount to its intrinsic value.

Thomas Piketty's Model of Inequality and Growth in Historical Context
Clark reduced economics to only two "factors of production", capital and labor. In Clark's model, "supply and demand" in a free market ensure that capital and labor each earns its "marginal product", that is, the contribution of the final amount supplied.

The Lingering, Hidden Costs of the Bank Bailout
Financial failure and the restructuring of assets and liabilities motivates new capital to flow directly into new enterprise activity at the cutting edge of technology—the source of new products, output and employment which in turn provide new growth and recovery.

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