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Key to securing portfolio is building excellent 'moat'
What Buffett is referring to is an impregnable barrier that keeps out business competitors. He likes to buy undervalued securities of companies with competitive advantages they can sustain for the long term -- and to hold onto the securities forever.

There’s No Such Thing as Normal Anymore
It’s tempting to see these moves as the beginning of a larger interest rate shift – the first of many consequences of the “normalization” of monetary policy.

Quids In: How sterlingization and free banking could help Scotland flourish
“Quids In: How sterlingization and free banking could help Scotland flourish”, draws on Scottish history and contemporary international examples to argue for the adoption of what it calls ‘adaptive sterlingization,’ which combines unilateral use of the pound sterling with financial reforms that remove protections for established banks while allowing competitive banks to issue their own promissory notes without restriction.

The social market economy in the 21st century
What are the requirements to be met by an economic model in the 21st century? There is no denying that a market economy is the best system for achieving the optimal allocation of resources – but only if the market is subject to certain restrictions.

Thinker, Trader, Holder. Why?
Fear of conflagrations along the borders of the Soviet Union led to consistent buying of gold year after year and decade after decade.

Overcome Doubt and Learn to Trade with Confidence
What most people do then is research the stock some more in an effort to find additional reasons to buy that stock. Invariably, they will come across something that causes them to feel even more hesitant about their decision.

Six Myths about Money and Inflation
Keynesian myth postulates that increasing aggregate demand through increasing the money supply will lead to more spending, higher employment, increased production, and a higher overall standard of living.

Andrew Smithers: Long term investing
Equities have given a higher long-term real return than short-term deposits or bonds. They have also provided a better insurance against the risks of unanticipated inflation. It is therefore generally and sensibly accepted that, among these three, equities should be the preferred asset class for long-term investors.

Why introverts are more effective leaders than extroverts
Have you ever thought that your naturally introverted tendencies may impede your growth in the business sphere? Extroverts are everywhere, making connections and shaking hands, but an outgoing spirit isn’t in your repertoire — that can get discouraging.

The Mass Psychology of Decline
Economic growth in the emerging countries – once vaunted by political and business leaders in the developed countries as “the locomotive of global growth” – has fallen out of its nest and gone out of focus

How to deal with an uncertain market
We can’t control stock market movements. But those adding money to stocks should much prefer dropping or stagnating levels. Few investors understand this.

The Best Debt in the World
The thing people worry about with debt is that they won’t be able to pay it back. The way this is structured means that is not a worry ever, and it doesn’t follow you around until your old age.

Pluralism in economic thought should be the goal
History as we know it, is full of devastating crashes, panics and crises. Even in the initial periods when Capitalism grew out of its British origins, crashes were quite persistent.

High Public Debt, Stagnation, Deflation and Unemployment: Policy Errors and a Way Forward
From a fiscal policy perspective, when monetary interest rates are at or near zero bound, and the real rate of interest consistent with full employment is negative, countries suffering from inadequate aggregate demand require strong fiscal stimulus.

The Difference between Great Leaders and Posers
Significant opportunities are not only scarce, but they typically operate on the principal of diminishing returns. Put simply, opportunities are time sensitive.

Austrian Capital Theory and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
In the process of economic growth, saving is crucial. No matter how ingenious the individuals comprising a society, if the means to forgo present consumption are unavailable, capital goods simply cannot be created.

Investing entails a lot that isn't within one's control
The choice between offense and defense investing should be based on how much the investor believes is within his or her control. In my view, investing entails a lot that isn't.

The Fed and the “Salvador Dali Effect”
Central banks around the world have to buy excess of dollars entering their countries so their exports do not lose competitiveness.

Paul Mason Needs To Understand That Milton Friedman Was Right About The Depression
It becomes ever more vexing to find that economic commentators just aren’t grasping the correct facts about both the Great Depression and also our current Great Recession.

Deputizing America
Surveillance of transactions is at odds with both bitcoin users’ and consumers’ privacy demands, and the level of privacy they could expect is similar to that dictated by deals between corporations and governments in the fiat currency realm.

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