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'Money: The Unauthorized Biography,' by Felix Martin
Feudal lords simply announced a coin's current worth, making outrageous acts of currency manipulation possible. And did you know that the Spartans had no physical currency?

Confusing Familiarity With Safety: International Investing And Currency
Investors often don't properly diversify because they think international investing is risky. U.S. equities are mistakenly assumed to be the "safest."

Bitcoin Mining: Road to Riches for Some, Road to Ruin for Others
In the digital currency world, Bitcoin miners are doing the same thing, throwing trillions of possible solutions for the same password code into the password field on a database file until the right one is found.

Busting Common Investor Myths on Money Matters
These are just some of the lies we are guilty of telling ourselves. Your mind tricks yourself into thinking that you are making the right financial decisions.

Nasdaq Freefall: How worried should you be?
At the moment, every central bank in the world knows that they can't derail the burgeoning economic recovery and so actions will be taken to keep interest rates low enough to help economic growth happen.

The IMF is Dead Wrong on Low Interest Rates
In its just-published World Economic Outlook the IMF trumpets the view that the real level of equilibrium interest rates worldwide has declined substantially since the 1980s and is now in slightly negative territory.

Money at the margin, not everything for money
Beyond the fact that all of us forego some money we could earn for other things we value, the fact that every one of us gives up money we have earned for a vast multitude of goods, services, and causes also reveals that individuals don’t just do things for the money.

Why Buffett's wrong on bitcoin: Legg Mason's Miller
Miller said Buffett was right about bitcoin's potential as a means of money transfers or payments. Beside that, he said, Buffett had a "logical flaw in his thinking."

Bitcoin: A global currency for a connected world
In today’s world, national prosperity and global prosperity are linked. One development to encourage financial globalization is bitcoin. Bitcoin supporters split away from the establishment, including institutions like the IMF, in an effort to create a global currency.

What is ‘hyperbolic discounting,’ and how can it save you money?
A lot of exciting things are happening in the field of behavioral economics, which marries psychology and personal finance. New-age economists — often to the dismay of their classical brethren — are conducting studies which show that people often make irrational decisions when it comes to money.

The Death of Money
The prospect of the dollar failing, and the international monetary system with it, looks increasingly inevitable. The dollar nearly ceased to function as the world’s reserve currency in 1978, and similar symptoms can be seen today.

EUR/USD gains on Fed uncertainty, emerging market rally
Demand for the euro remained firm after European Central Bank officials on Monday stressed that while fresh easing measures may be needed to steer the euro zone away from deflationary pressures, implementation of such tools is not imminent.

The Clock Is Ticking On A Massive Currency Shift
China is now trying to install the yuan as the new reserve currency, or at least at some point in the future, international trade will be done with other currencies.

Stoke the fire inside, not the flames beneath
Why economic rationalists label people as human resources, assets, intellectual capital, units of production and other terms that have inherent connotations of control.

Mian and Sufi on monetary policy
What we are witnessing is the limit of what monetary policy alone can do. Sometimes there is a tendency to assume that the Fed can “target” any inflation rate it wishes, or that it can target the overall price level.

What to Expect From Janet Yellen
We should anticipate a continuation of policies that assume that monetary expansion can spur economic growth. It cannot. Monetary expansion can spur phony economic growth; i.e., fooling entrepreneurs to invest capital in projects that will not return a profit.

Bitcoin Is Pointless as a Currency, But It Could Change the World Anyway
So what lessons does this Old World precedent hold for money’s latest manifestation? The first is that bitcoin’s real promise does not lie in bitcoins themselves.

Western banking regulations could be 'mutually destructive' – IMF report
Western governments have put in place banking regulations that could be "mutually destructive" and undermine efforts to prevent bust banks from costing taxpayers billions of pounds, according to a report by the International Monetary Fund.

Bitcoin: questionable reliability
Confidence and faith are said to be the key factors for any currency to determine its value. Many market watchers say Bitcoin needs proper oversight, greater transparency and a stabilization of its price to make people rely on it.

Why Bitcoin Entrepreneurs Are Begging for More Regulation
The hunger for regulation is also driven by a desire to see more banks get involved. Right now, finding a banking relationship can be quite difficult if you’re starting a company that deals with Bitcoin.

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