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Understand Accounting Fraud in Asia: The Cost Accounting Whale Curve
When accounting frauds and financial failures pop up as what appear to be rather sudden surprise while the most recent financial statements indicate a sound condition, accounting loses their legitimacy and effectiveness.

Long-Term Unemployment Benefits Expire; Long-Term Unemployment Falls
If we pay people to be unemployed, we should expect more unemployment, and that’s what we got.

Escape Fandango
It really was a good time to be a newly minted graduate in short pants on Wall Street. The fiscal authority was pursuing something called supply side economics and the monetary authority was putatively pursuing monetarism.

It’s a good policy but it’s not enough
Simple decriminalisation is not a sufficient policy: for markets do of course require regulation. No, regulation is not “what government does”, it’s entirely possible for markets to self-regulate.

Natural Rights: Spooner v. Bentham
The science of mine and thine—the science of justice—is the science of all human rights; of all a man’s rights of person and property; of all his rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

3 golden Warren Buffett rules we don’t hear enough
The basics of investing are always worth revising, and a decent place to start is this summary of Warren Buffett’s investing wisdom.

The Economics of American Pickers
Sellers implicitly seem to understand this, which is why they are frequently willing to part with items they may have owned for decades.

China’s Borderline Belligerence
Indian prime ministers since Jawaharlal Nehru have traveled to China to express goodwill and deliver strategic gifts. Unsurprisingly, India has often ended up losing out in bilateral deals.

The new dawn of financial capitalism
Complexity, greed and short-termism are undermining our financial system, but a rerooting of finance in the real economy could lead to a more sustaninable version of capitalism.

Why The "active Vs. Passive" Investing Debate Misses The Point
Getting bogged down in the never-ending active vs. passive squabble is counterproductive and can cause investors to lose sight of the big picture. Like dealing with a passive-aggressive person, sometimes the best thing to do is ignore these ideological zealots.

Would You Like To Be The ‘Lucky Idiot’ Or The ‘Skilful Investor’?
We all know that when things go right, luck looks like skill. Most people acknowledge the uncertainty that surrounds the future, but they feel that at least the past is known and fixed.

The Difference between Investing and Speculating
A sound investing philosophy lends credibility to one's actions, and increases the odds of success. You are essentially betting on good luck and hoping that the momentum in a stock, or a market, continues for a little while, so that you can cash out when the time comes.

So Bill Gates Has This Idea for a History Class
As Gates was working his way through the series, he stumbled upon a set of DVDs titled “Big History” — an unusual college course taught by a jovial, gesticulating professor from Australia named David Christian. Unlike the previous DVDs, “Big History” did not confine itself to any particular topic, or even to a single academic discipline.

Hussman Weekly Market Comment: The Two Pillars of Full-Cycle Investing
On any given trading day, only a fraction of 1% of total market capitalization changes hands, and the vast majority of that is high-frequency trading and portfolio reallocation between existing equity holders.

The Exaggerated Death of Inflation
In the years preceding the financial crisis, increasing globalization and technological advances made it much easier for central banks to deliver both solid growth and low inflation.

The Economy Convergence
We live in a different world. A global world of complexity, uncertainty, stronger competition and high standards of quality and innovation demanding.

How Warren Buffett’s Luck Changed
Warren Buffett has taught us countless things through the years resulting from his major acquisitions. But one company that made his luck change reveals all we need to know about where we put our money.

Financial savvy is not something schools can teach
The right conclusion is not that there is nothing to be done. Far from it. We can and should divert the money that is about to be put into personal finance education into better mathematics education.

Charlie Munger Explains Why Warren Buffett Is So Successful
Have you ever wondered what the secret to Warren Buffett's success is? It turns out Charlie Munger — Buffett's right-hand man at Berkshire Hathaway — is happy to share.

The age of rentier capitalism
It is well known that globalization has put strong downward pressure on wages and benefits of workers in wealthy countries, as companies have offshored and outsourced labor to lower-wage locations and justified wage cuts to try to stay competitive.

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